Inspection and selection
Each athlete can bring an unlimited amount of bowling balls to the championship venue.

As soon as possible after arrival you must, for each athlete, deliver a filled in issue of form H to the ETBF Technical Delegate.

The inspection is limited to eligibility of the ball as specified in the list of approved bowling balls, the serial number of each ball and a visual inspection with regard to damages etc.

Only bowling balls, that are included in the USBC Approved Bowling Ball list, can be used in competition. The official list of approved bowling balls is published on

Bowling balls manufactured prior to 1991 cannot be found on the USBC Approved Bowling Ball list. However, the Championship Committee may accept such bowling balls to be used during the championship if it is proven that they were produced prior to 1991.

Immediately following the conclusion of the official practice session, the coach of the team must modify From I for all his team members, so each form includes only a maximum of 6 bowling balls to be used during competition.

All bowling balls, not selected to be used during competition, must, with no hesitation, be removed from the bowling centre and brought back to the hotel. The ball store room will occasionally be examined for non-registered bowling balls, which will be declared in use, if found.

No replacements or additions of bowling balls will be allowed once the first event has started, and no modifications of a bowling ball shall be permitted, apart from the altering of the surface according to the rules specified in the ETBF Constitution. In very special circumstances, the Championship Committee may allow a replacement of a registered bowling ball.

Random checks of the identity of the bowling balls used in competition will be performed during the squads at the discretion of the Championship Committee. The penalty for violation of the rule is disqualification and all scores null and void.

How to pack your bowling balls
Please separate bowling bags and packages with balls and equipment from your private stuff.

Each bowling bag and each package with balls must be provided with a sticker or a label with the full name of the athlete and his/her federation. Please do not pack bowling balls from more than one athlete in the same bag / package.

By your arrival to the airport in Brussels, we will separate bowling bags / packages from the private luggage of the athlete.