Various Information

Programme book

The welcome statements from notabilities, all delegations presented, various statistics and advertisements will not be printed, but made available at the website for downloads, for applets etc.

Entry to the centre

Each athlete, official, press representative, registered guest and member of the local organi-sation will receive an entry card, of which there will be various categories, some with certain restrictions depending on duties.

There will be an entrance fee of 10 euro’s to the bowling centre for spectators during the EWC 2018.

Bus services

All delegations, not using other means of transportation and accommodated at the Gosset or Ibis hotels, will be met in Brussels International Airport. A similar service will be provided upon departure.

An hourly shuttle service, hotel-centre-hotel and centre-hotel-centre, will be provided for all athletes, coaches, officials and registered guests staying at the championship hotels.

In addition there will be mini busses available for various special situations.

Any bus and transport service is, in general, only available for those staying at the Gosset and Ibis hotels.

Result services

Results and standings will promptly be published at and in the centre at various monitors and screens.

Press facilities

One meeting room at the first floor will be used for press activities. We expect to be able to provide space and capacity for up till 12 press representatives in the room.

Access to the press room will be restricted and limited to accredited press officials only.

The line capacity will, however, during the EWC 2018 be very good for everybody attending, so wherever you are in the centre, you will have good working conditions.

Therefore, do only ask for an accreditation, if you are working with press-relations and fre-quently need access to a room, where you can work with your stories and photos in peace.

Lane assignments

All lane assignments will be decided by a squad-by-squad draw, done by the championship committee, while all attending federations have been through the registration procedure.

The first lane assignments are often published shortly after the Team Managers meeting.

Flags and national anthems

Do not bring any flags, they will be delivered by the ETBF.

From the ETBF website, we will pick the national anthems we need during the championships. Therefore; do not bring your national anthems.

Doping tests

No international doping tests will be performed, but the Flemish government might decide to perform tests at any moment they want during the championships.

Please inform your athletes, that they always must be prepared to be tested upon request.